TAIWAN EXCELLENCE AWARD 2024_Solar Wireless Parking Assist System

•Green energy solar charging design and low power consumption, long-distance RF wireless technology, no wiring required, suitable for large vehicles
•Multi-functional application in all-round parking detection
•The reversing function depends on the distance of the obstacle, and the multi-stage warning sound reminds the driver
•Easy to view the all-round parking situation
•The display provides multiple installation methods inside the car, which is convenient for consumers to install in a suitable position
•The sensor can be directly magnetically attached and installed without drilling holes or damaging the appearance of the car body, making installation faster
•The fixed installation is an alternative for the sensor with accessories
•The sensor can be disassembled and installed rapidly, making it more adaptable for container vehicles with separate bodies
•The sensor automatically senses the driving situation of the vehicle and turns on and off the detection function