The company, Vision, founded in 1984, has a strong foothold in the automotive electronics industry. Over the years, it has expanded its services to designing, manufacturing, and after-sales support for vehicle security. Additionally, Vision has ventured into the smart home field, offering products that enhance security, safety, comfort, and energy conservation for both cars and homes. With a dedicated research and development team in Taiwan, Vision is recognized globally for its innovative approaches.

Automotive Product Range
     • Extensive product lineup covers Car Alarming, Warning, Monitoring systems.
     • Offers Detecting and Sensing systems, Auto Lighting, and aid kits.
     • Aims to optimize security and safety during car driving.

Smart Home Expansion
     • Includes Home Automation and Security products
     • Enhances home life by providing convenience and protection.

Global Recognitions
     • Earned approvals from worldwide agencies, distributors, and customers.
     • Established partnerships both for Automotive and Smart Home.
     • Exclusive distribution agencies established globally to sell Vision products.

Innovation and R&D
     • Strong R&D capability group based in Taiwan drives innovation.
     • Innovation focuses on user-friendly vehicle security and smart home products.

  Our Achievements
     • Taiwan's No. 1 PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor, proudly Designed and Made in Taiwan.
     • Taiwan's No. 1 Level 2 Information Security Certified at the Air Quality Monitor Category of IoT.
     • Taiwan’s No. 1 TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) in Battery Type.
     • The largest manufacturer of Z-Wave products in Taiwan, more than 80% in the market.
     • Vision's outstanding achievements in automobile security devices and home safe protection receives worldwide
        recognitions and echoes of many companies.​

Mission and Vision
     • Aims to be a reliable global technology and solution provider.
     • Dedicates itself to delivering products emphasizing Safety, Comfort, and Energy Conservation.