Auto Headlight On & High/Low Beam Switching
  • Item No. : VAE120
  • Auto Headlight On & High/Low Beam Switching
  • The Multifunction of VAE-120 will allow the driver to not only stay focused on driving but will make their driving experience safer by switching head light on/off and high/low beam automatically.
    I. Auto Headlight On : The sensor detects the ambient brightness and the system automatically turns on/off your vehicle lights according to the brightness detected.
    II. Auto High/Low Beam Switching : Switching high to low beam automatically by sensoring the opposite direction of coming car.
    III. Come-home Lights : When the occupants leave the vehicle, the headlights remain on and are switched off automatically after a delay period.

*Auto Headlight On :  Adjustable sensitivity

*Auto High/Low beam Switching :  Adjustable sensitivity

*Come-home Lights : Adjustable remain timing of head light 

*For all passenger vehicles (12V)

Operation Voltage


Stand-by Current Consumption


Operating Temperature


High beam intput

+Ve, 6V (min)

High beam ontput

+12V,15A (max)

Low beam output

+12V,15A (max)

Ignition trigger input


Parking light trigger input